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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Variation on the bread recipe.

Using very similar ingredients you can make tons of variations on the bread recipe I gave.When  you use mini foam balls instead of foam board you can make various types of buns .

They can be decorated with talcum powder for flour, tiny sesame seeds, ground white pepper etc to make different types of breads.

They are fun to make , look pretty awesome in a shop scene, a basket or on a table.

Of course you can serve your buns with a hamburger, cheese, meats and whatever else you like.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Fimo free bread.

All the breads in this picture were made by me  using the basic recipe and just adding different ingredients and doing different shapes. 

 I am totally hopeless when it comes to working with Fimo. I admire anyone who can  do it , but for me it is a total nightmare. So I try to make stuff without  it.

I found that foam board makes very nice bread. Here is my basic bread recipe to get you started.

Ingredients :  Piece of foam board, round  bottle cap, paint brush , oil  pastels in suitable shades of brown and amber colored glass paint . If you do not have any pastels  you can replace them with watercolors but I prefer to use the pastels myself.

Step 1 : use bottle cap to cut a round shape out of your foam board. You can also press the cap into the foam to make the size  and cut the shape  with a knife.

Step 2    There is no need for a perfect shape. These round breads never look too perfect at my local bakery. You can shape it a bit more of you like using a knife or small scissors.

Step 3 : Color your bread . I use a brush ro rub  the pastels into the foam. Start with the lightest shade . It helps to slightly moisten your brush. You can do this with water colors as well but I feel the pastels give more color control.

Step 4 :  Leave to dry. Check the color and add more if you like. For a nice crust , paint the top of the bread with a little glass paint.

If you feel like decorating your bread, wait  till the glass paint is nearly dry to add   your  decorations.

Talcum powder makes great flour, salt makes great sugar ( sugar will dissolve !! ) and white pepper also looks  brilliant.

  Some finished breads shown on a slice of bread.

  Breads shown in a shop setting.

There you are,  freshly baked bread the easy way !

Breads  in my French bakery shop.