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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Easiest cake stands ever.

So easy and fun to make .

Making cake stands  is very popular these days. You can use cups and saucers and plates and even glasses to create your own  to show off your cakes, cookies and pastries.

I tried making some mini versions using  stuff from my stash.
Here is what I did.

Two crysnbon saucers and one cup make a lovely little cake stand for  cookies.  I glued mine together with tacky glue.

Instad of a cup you can also use a mug to create a little bit more space  between the saucers.
You can  use the cup or mug upside down as well as the right way up. You can use plates to create a bigger etagere  or a combination of cups, mugs , plates and saucers to create a  taller and bigger version.

This one is a vintage linnen button with a jewelry finding glued on top. Very simple and effective.

With some cakes on top no one will  know
 how simple this was to make. 
Cookies, cake and pastries are from my no clay food collection.

Two plates and a goblet or glass glued together make a very nice cake stand.

The same construction but with a saucer and a plate to create a difference in size.