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Friday, July 28, 2017

Tiny landscape under a dome.

This tiny landscape can be displayed with or without the dome.  It is pretty easy and fun to make, Let me show you how to do it.

 For the base  :
A metal plate ( 12 th scale)    

For the dome :
Plastic bottle cap or something similar.   Try to 
 find something that is really clear.
A press stud to glue on the top ( optional) 

Glue a piece of dried bark to the plate. You can also  use a piece of wood or a stone or whatever you like.

Use some green paint ( I used my watercolors)  to add a bit of  a moss effect  to your tree bark base.

 I also added some green fluffy bits.

I used a lot of different bits of greenery for this project. I always find the most intersting ones  at

They have stuff that looks like tiny plants and grasses, stretchy vine which is great to make trees with and lots more.

 I used some very fine dried twigs to make the tree with. You can replace this with fine wire  twisted together and painted.

  Poked a little hole in the bark base and planted the tree.

I little bit of the stretchy vine material ( see above) made lovely greenery for the tree. Just lightly glue on top of the basic tree.

Decorated the base with some mini gravel and some flower foam and more greenery in different shades of green.

In the end I used a different bottle cap for the dome.  Here is the final version .