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Friday, October 7, 2016

Crochet cake dome

Crochet cake dome  .

This pretty cake dome is perhaps more decorative than practical but for the doll's house I  guess that need not be a real concern.  If you like you can make yours to fit over  a glass or plastic dome and make it more practical . Or you can use the lace version  as decoration only in a  shabby chic setting.

What you will need :
A dome shaped something. It could be an existing cake dome, bottle cap or whatever you like. I used the cap of my glue bottle.
DMC tatting thread ( fil dentelles  or similar thread ) and a 0,60 mm crochet hook
Plastic ( wrap or a small bag)  and rubber band.
Fabric stiffener of your choice. I often use a mix of water and white craft glue, but for this one I tried Mod Podge which worked really well.
Small brush
Bead for the handle of the finished dome
Tacky Glue.

The plastic lid I used .

The dome is worked in rounds starting at the top of the dome , all rounds are closed with s slip stitch.
sc=single crochet
st= stitch
dc= double crochet

Start with a magic circle and work 6 sc  into the circle. Close with s slip stitch.
Round 1. Chain 1, work 2 sc  into each  stitch. Close round with slip st.
Round 2 . repeat row 1.
Round 3. *  Chain 3  , skip one st, 1 sc. in the next st,  *  repeat from * to *  till end of row and close with slip st.
Round 4. Work as row 3 but chain 4  instead of 3.
Round 5. Work as row 3 but chain 5 instead of 3.
Round 6 :  Chain 3, work 4 dc in the first chain 5 loop,  Work 5 dc in all other loops and close round  with slip st.
Now we are going to  shape the sides of the dome.
Round 7 :  Chain 4, skip one dc  and work one dc in the next dc, *  chain 1 , skip id,  1dc in next dc  * . Repeat from *till *  till the end of the round and close with slip st.
Round 8 : repeat row 7
Round 9 : repeat row 7
Row 10 : chain 1 and work 1 sc in every st.
Finish off and weave in thread ends.

Crochet finished.

To stiffen your dome:
Wrap your dome shape in plastic and use an elastic band to make sure the plastic stays in place.
Put your crochet shape over the plastic shape making sure it fits nice , straight and tight.

Paint your dome with the fabric stiffener of your choice and leave to dry overnight.

Peel the dome of the plastic covered dome , add the bead at the top so you have a knob or handle.
Admire your work.

Ti p : if you are not totally happy with the shape of your dome. Put it in a bowl of warm water for a few hours. Leave to dry and start again.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Turning and old pumpkin lantern into a cute pumpkin shop.

Just a fun little project.

Started with an old damaged lantern from the thrift shop.

Added a floor ( air drying clay) and a branch to hide some damage.

Added a wooden disk for a base and put the whole thing outside to dry .

Made some pumpkin themed stuff   to put inside  and outside.

Here is my pumpkin shop ready for customers to come and enjoy  everything pumpkin even some pies.