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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Taking my minis on the road.

Every now and then I take my minis on  the road. I cannot take a lot on my scooter but I can manage to take several scenes and room boxes looking like a bag lady.

I agree it is a bit scary to take your minis on a trip. But I have to admit that over the years I have learned that most minis  travel really well if you wrap them with some tender loving care.  I leave the glass domes and stuff like that at home and make sure everything is glued firmly in place. But if you are lucky and do have a car the whole thing becomes a lot easier.

I have taken minis to dolls house fairs and that was pretty easy because  I did not have to take a scene or a room box and could  put everything in boxes.  I also could take a lot of decorations and stuff to make my table look pretty.

But more often I take my minis on trips to local craft shows where I am not allowed to sell stuff but only to show off what I make and try to  get others interested in the hobby. I actually like doing that a lot for it is great day out . Last Saturday we had a local craft show and even though I could not take a lot of stuff I still I think my table did look pretty nice and there was a lot of interest in the minis.

One of my favourite  places to take my minis to is the local care center for the elderly. Ladies and gents love seeing my minis and talking about them. It brings back memories and we always have a good time. So if you feel like doing something really fun with your minis take them on a trip and show them off !!

This can happen when you take your minis on the road . I had no idea but the local paper wrote about the minis and had my picture . OOps? Wow ? not sure but sort of fun.