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Monday, August 31, 2015

Nail stickers are so much fun

Nail stickers  are tiny tiny stickers that you can use to decorate your fingernails with.
You will often find them at a dollar or pound store or a similar kind of shop.

I bought two sheets of them and a tiny bottle of nail polish to play with. Usually they are sold as a set with the nail polish included.

I am not too crazy about them on my finger nails but I could tell those tiny pics must have some mini use.

And indeed they have : they are totally awesome   for decorating things with .
I started with a some plastic plates and cups by Chrysnbon.

Here are the nail stickers I used  for this and one of the blue plates.
Try to find nail stickers that have the same motive in different sizes on the same sheet. So you will have bigger ones for the plates and tiny ones for things like cups and saucers.

I found it almost impossible to get them off the plastic sheet with my fingers . But with a pin I did a lot better. Some of them did not work at all but because they are so cheap it is not a big thing.

You will have to practice sticking them down a bit as well. They tend to roll up or do other things that they are not supposed to do.
But once they are finally stuck in place they will look really nice.
You can add a coat of nail polish or Mod Podge to make them stick to the background even  better . This will also make the picture look more smooth.

The tinier the motives you use the more delicate and realistic the result will look.
I love the set with the tiny roses on them . 

I did have some tiny Halloween nail stickers too.  A present from Canada last year. They also work very well I think . 

You can have your own unique mini table ware for every time of the year like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, something pretty for a wedding and so on. 
You can also decorate bigger plates of course as well as bottles canisters and boxes.
Have fun with this cheap tip !