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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Getting ready for Halloween

Where I live ( The Netherlands) Halloween is not a real Holiday  and it took me a few years to get inspired by it. 

But now I  know that it is  actually a lot of fun if you like things like magic, witches , spooky things and perhaps a bit of Harry Potter.

Making potion bottles and other magical stuff is a lot of fun.

Get out your stash of things you have kept to use some day and start having fun. Anything that looks weird or magical can be useful.

If you can find glass bottles they are great to use.  I used a few that came from the dollar store holding glitters for nail art. I also used beads a lot and  plastic tubing with a metal disk for top and bottom works brilliantly too.

Plastic grapes make awesome green, blue and pinkish bottles that look pretty magical.

Stoppers can be corks, beads, bits of wood, disks and sequins.

Clear bottles and jars can be filled with tons of interesting things.  I used mouth wash and  liquid soap for interesting colors. Add Halloween shaped sequins or things like a chopped off doll head.

 If you happen to have a cat at your house ask him or her to catch you  some flies, mosquitoes or spiders. They look awesome in a bottle filled with clear all purpose glue and will last forever.

The most fun of all is thinking about the names to put on the labels. I really loved printing things like : Dragon Droppings, Man Repellent, Eau de ma Tante,  Pickled husband brains  and Ogre Snot to name a few.

Chopped of doll head in glue,  tree bark, seeds in clear glue, bug ( thanks Taeggi cat) in glue.

Ghost sequin in mouth water, bottle with blue glass paint, plastic cord and blue paint .

 Fairy dishwashing liquid with glitter mixed in, liquid soap with glitter and sequins.

Disney princess pencil topper in bottle with clear glue, The hairy chest in the bottle is a piece of leather that has fur on the other side.  White bottle is a bead with paper decoupaged on it. Labels were made on my computer.  The glass jars with the shining tops are pieces of tubing with metal disks for lid and bottom

More Halloween tips coming up so Watch this space.