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Friday, April 10, 2015

A visit to my Brocante shop ( part 2)

Let 's have a look at the inside of the Brocante .

The inside is actually just a few centimeters deep. Creating the illusion that there are things inside the shop was a lot of fun.

To the back wall of the shop I decoupaged pictures of painting and and pieces of furniture. Some pictures were used twice with double sided sticky foam between them to get a 3 D effect.

To make things a bit more realistic I added two bits  of real furniture : a small table and a chair. I made sure that the items on the table could be seen from the outside as well.
On the chair are some mini hats.  

But the best items are the big frame standing behind the chair and the cat for they add depth. 

In the big frame is a piece of mini embroidery. I started on a whole painting and when I was about half done I spilled coffee allover it. The stains could not be removed  and I put it away in a box. But with the stains I think is the perfect brocante item and I am really glad it has a good home now.

I love having cats in my  dollhouses 

My first try making a geranium  ...........needs a bit more sunshine I think.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A visit to my Brocante shop. ( part 1)

In France they have a kind of shop that I totally love :
The brocante .
A brocante sells vintage and sometimes even antique items that are not perfect enough for a real antique store.
Sometimes they  are real treasure troves  but the next one you visit can be just a pile of junk. It is always a surprise.

Not having room for a real shop I decided I would use a box frame to create a shallow shop with a nice French courtyard in front.

The idea was to leave the door open so there would be a view of the inside of the shop .

I added a division wall with a door and a window first. I had the door but I had to make the window frame myself. Used myca for the glass. 
Of course my best friend was ready to help and  check  if it all was sturdy enough.

The furniture for the outside got the seal of approval too.

He loved opening and closing the door.  He is on the side that will become the inside of the shop while I am working on the outside.

I did do the walls with a sponge and different colors of paint. The sign I found on the net and I just printed it and decoupaged it to the wall.
For the pavement I used wallpaper samples and acrylic paints.

I wanted the outside to look old and a bit shabby and also like it was a painting rather than a mini scene.  I like the result but I will need to add some more brocante  to sell  I think.

I found it pretty hard to take a photo without me showing in the window. Yes the pink thing is me. I tried hard to stay out of the photo , really.

Next time we will take a look inside. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015