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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Greetings card holder

A super quick project today : a greetings card holder. This will be just brilliant for all those christmas cards  or you can use it in a shop or a little craftroom.

The picture shows  them on the wall filled with different types of mini cards  I made.
I kept mine simple but you can decorate the tops of the holders if you like.

Per cardholder you  will need :
 a popsicle stick and  some hook parts of hook and eye closures and some glue.  It does not matter what type  of hooks as long as they fit on your popsicle stick.

It is very practical to have your cards handy especially if they are different sizes for you can use them to mark where  the hooks need to go on the wood for every card to have enough room.

Glue the hooks in place. Leave to dry and add cards. That is all there is to it.

PS . You can also display some cards open if you like,  For a cards with a flap that comes down you can fold the hook down and have it support the card. But those cards will have to be glued down.