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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Guess what is hiding in the closet ?

Once upon a time there was a sweet looking closet. It was painted a pretty pink and it looked like there would only be very pretty things inside it.

There was a pretty hat box on top and a little lace dress was hanging from the door.

The dress was to be worn to a party. It was made out of vintage lace with a crochet bodice and decorated with silk bows and flowers.  It had it's very own padded hanger as well.

But then at night the doors opened and the contends of the closet became visible

Pretty boxes, lace items and a  very pretty straw hat...............

But look again and tell me . does not that look like there is a skeleton hiding in the closet or even more than one ?

I think there actually is .. 

Not everything seems to be as pretty as it looks...............could this closet belong to a witch perhaps ? Telling by the posters on the inside of the door this might very well be the case.

Is not this a brilliant Halloween project ?