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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Crochet cakes are so much fun.

I love cake and crochet. So making crochet cakes is a lot of fun for me.
Over the years I made  quite a few of them.

The first cakes I made were life sized ones. They made fun gifts and decorations around the house.

When I wanted to make 12 th scale versions of them I learned that   making really yummie mini cakes was easier than  I ever thought :

Just take a pattern for a life size crochet cake and make it  smaller by using thinner thread and a smaller crochet hook.

This picture shows a life size crochet cupcake. Made in wool using a 3 mm crochet hook. The cake on the cake stand is the exact same pattern but worked in DMC tatting thread using  a 0,60 mm crochet hook.

  The small cake on the 12 th scale plate was  made using sewing thread and a 0,40 mm crochet hook. This one is made out of 4 crochet circles glued together.

Here are some life size cup cakes. Once again made in wool with a 3 mm crochet hook.  For a mini version of these cakes you can use  DMC tatting thread , a 0,60 mm crochet hook and the same pattern. Yes, it works, just give it a try.

 The pink cake is a variation on the pattern I used for the chocolate cup cake and chocolate mini cake. I used DMC tatting thread in pink and white for the cake.

The flowers and leaves on the cake are also done in crochet. I did make up a pattern for those myself but you could use any pattern for crochet flowers and just make them in tatting or sewing  thread  to make them smaller.

The lemon meringue pie. Is done in three colours of tatting thread. I used a free pattern  I found for an amigurimi pie slice and changed it till I was happy with it .

I think crochet food is fun and it does not have any calories plus for the people like me who cannot work with clay the  crochet is a way of making food without frustration.

If you are looking for some amigurimi cake patterns to get you inspired try this link :