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Friday, January 15, 2016

Fake fruit

Fake fruit can be very decorative around the house. It looks great in bowls and baskets but you can also use it in center pieces and wreaths or whatever you like. Ofcourse they will be great for kitchens and shops too. 

Remember this is fake fruit like the stuff you buy at the dollar store so you do not have to be too fussy about it looking realistic.  


Ingredients are very simple : tiny styrofoam balls  and  oil pastels or chalks.

The styrofoam balls can be found in many sizes. I used 1 cm for the big fruits and even smaller ones for the apricot look a likes.

I like using the oil pastels best because when you rub the colors into the balls they stick better than chalks.  But it is totally up to you. You can even try water colors, a friend of mine loves using those and she gets nice results too.

I prefer the somewhat fuzzy look you get with the pastels and chalks.

Start with the lighter colour , add some color, and rub into the foam with your fingers.
Add the darker color and try to  blend the colors just a little.

If you want to shape your fruits a little bit, you can press your nails into them to create that sort of crease that peaches have. You can also gently push a tooth pick into the top to create the spot for a stem etc.

If you are worried about the color rubbing off you can  set the color by lightly spraying the fruit with hair spray.