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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Julia's Christmas

In this scene little Julia is getting everything ready for Santa's visit.  His glass of milk and cookies are ready and she is very pleased  about how it all looks. But who is outside looking through the window?

This is the front of the scene standing on a shelf, The actual scene is in two halves. The first one is the living room with Julia and the cats, the other half shows what is going on outside.

The windows that divide the scene where a flea market find. I think they belonged to a Barbie house once.  They are perhaps a bit big for 12 th scale but I like the effect a lot.

I painted the floor on the outside side with snow paint and the inside half got a coat of varnish. I glued the window down using a glue gun. The inside got decorated with garlands . On the outside I used Mod Pdoge for a frosted effect and plastic icicles. I glued down the furniture and the doll as well as the trees to make it cat proof for I have a cat who loves minis.

The two cats playing with the christmas things is just what always happens at my house.

 On the left Julia inside and on the right Rudolf outside.
Julia has a decorated tree on her half of the scene and Santa has one in the garden covered in snow.

I displayed the scene on a lazy Susan so it could be used as a center piece. The cat loved spinning it around and around so we both enjoyed the scene.

 The great thing is that after Christmas it was easy to pack and store : the whole thing fits into a hat box.

Ps. Santa and Rudolf look pretty good don't they ? I found them for just a few dollars at the local dollar store.

Julia was the first doll I ever wigged and dressed.  I struggled quite a but I am pleased with the result now.