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Monday, February 22, 2016

Having fun with chenille stem bears.

Over the years I made  hundreds of little teddy bears  and other critters  . I call them my Furry Friends.

Quite a few have been adopted  and are now living  all over the world from the Netherlands to the USA, Canada, France , the UK and Sri Lanka.

People often do not believe I just use chenille stems and pipe cleaners for making my bears. When they try making one they often tell me that theirs does not look like mine. I guess that is because my first bears did not look   as good either.

I did start making them many years ago when I was in Rehab . There was very little time or space for crafting so I needed something easy and quick. Over the years  I have perfected the technique so my bears have changed  quite a bit.

 People often ask how I give them a certain expression and to that I can only say  this : once the basic bear has been made, the bears take over and they tell me who and what they want to be.   I never know what they will look like till the bear tells me and  he or she is finished.

And sometimes a bear wants to be a bunny LOL  like the one I made today. He is 1 inch tall from the top of his ears till his little paws. 
 He said he wanted a trip to my favourite city but for now he is very happy having his very own Eiffel Tower.

Feel like making your own Furry Friend ?  Try the tutorial on this blog.