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Monday, August 21, 2017

My holiday in a tin.


No trip for me this year so I had to find something else to get some of that holiday feeling. I saw a beach scene in a tin and that inspired me. Just a beach is not enough for me so I added a bit of landscape as well. Here is how I did it.

 This is the tin  I used, It was the only kind I could find around here. There were tiny sweets in it.  The size is very nice to work with 6 cm by 3 cm. But the tin is really very shallow : just 1 cm deep. That leaves very little room for the stuff to go inside. I actually broke the hinge trying some things for size. So if you can find a deeper tin go for it.

Here is step 1 : trying out the clay that will become the beach base. You can use any type of  clay . I used air drying clay because I happened to have some  but you can use Fimo and bake the whole thing.

Step 2 .When the clay was dry I painted it  a very pale sand colour and sprinkled some sand on it. ( use craft sand or bird cage sand). I  painted the see area in acrylic paints. Used blue and white. the sea is lighter  in color near the beach so that will give the best look. Paint the sea with Mod Podge or varnish for a nice shine.
 Step 3 . I added some white mini pebbles to the right hand top corner and some plants to the open space at the left. I used bits of plastic plants, and model rail road moss.

Step 4 . Added a little hint of pink paint to the pebbles and added some tiny bits of  the green stuff to them to make them look more interesting.

Now for the landscape in the lid. I printed  4 copies of the photo I found on line ( Passport  photo size) .  One copy was cut to fit inside the lid and glued in place with Mod Podge.

I cut  out the pergola with the flowers twice and also the chairs and table in the front. I know the chairs are not very visible but they do add some depth to the whole thing. I  added double sided foam tape to the back of the pergola cuttings  and layered them on top of the pergola in the lid.

  I used one   of  the set of chairs and table to do the same thing.  From the second part I only used the backs of the chairs so they would stand out more.

Added some green moss like stuff ( in the bag on the right of the photo available at Minikitz .com)   add some details to the landscape. I also used flower foam  to make the flowers stand  out more. I just glued it on top of the flowers in the picture.

Finishing touch were some bits of flower foam in various colors to give the idea of flowers and some gravel to create a little path to the beach.

Had a lot of fun creating this little holiday for me. Hope it will inspire  you too.