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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mini scene in baby bottle

Here is a  little mini scene I  made as a gift for a new baby.
The scene inside is inspired by the Brambly Hedge books .

The bottle I found at dollar store. . It is actually two half bottles so perfect for  a little project to go inside.

Sadly most of the furniture I had was way too big for the bottle and ofocurse  I wanted to finish it there and then and not hunt for furniture first. So  I did cheat again.

I painted one half of the bottle white because I wanted to use decoupage for the background of the scene and the glue would  be showing on the outside and look ugly. I  painted the bottle on the inside.

I scanned the picture of  mamma and the babies  from the book and printed three copies . One was glued to the white  inside of the bottle. The other two were used to cut out the mice  2x to create a  3 D effect.

You cut out the bits you want to stand out and glue them to the full picture with foam tape. This creates an amazing sense of depth.

 The mice in the bad tub is another picture from the book. I made a  3D picture first and then I glued the whole ensemble to the floor  in front of  mother and the babies.

To create more depth I added a few minis like a towel, a bar of soap and some clothes.

The other half of the bottle got a painted floor and I added some miniature furniture : a chair and a little table and I added a furry toy. When the bottle is closed this adds even more depth to the scene.

In the chair is a little baby mouse I cut from another picture . She is also done in 3 D .
Despite most of it being paper  the scene turned out nicer that I thought it would.

I glued another picture from the book on the  outside of the white part of the bottle so it would look nice from all angles. A bit of ribbon was the finishing touch.