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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Pretty envelope in any scale

 To make a pretty envelope in any scale from larger than life to a very tiny mini  is easier than you think.

To start with you need 4 circles of paper. They need to be the same size. Pic 1.

Fold each circle in half  . Pic 2

Check  photo 3  and 4 for how to place your folded circles for the next step.

You want to create a square ( photo5) with the upper flaps of the circles  pointing upwards.

Glue the 4 circles for the bottom square together. The top flaps will be the upper part of your envelope.

Fold them so they overlap  to close the envelope. You can add some glue or a sticker to keep it closed.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pretty decoupaged boxes

I was clearing out some drawers and found a little folder with tons of mini printies leftover from when I did the decoupaged dress form.

I also had bought two very cheap metal pill boxes  at a dollar store  and  them being on my table together was the inspiration for doing this little project.

You can  use any size of box for this project so it will work in many different scales. The box can be metal like mine or wood or even cardboard.

You will need Mod Podge to glue down the paper printies  and for the final coat of varnish. I actually did two coats on my boxes.

Printies are very easy to find on Pinterest ; just try mini printables.  For the box on the left I used vintage perfume labels and the other one has pictures of Paris as a theme. I just printed them as small as my printer would allow me to print them. Ordinary printer paper will be fine.

I did cover both the outside and the inside of my boxes because I did not like the shiny metal. But that is totally up to you. If you want to open and close the boxes do not cover the hinges with your decoupage and make sure you also do not cover up the clasp.

I am going to use my boxes as storage boxes but they will also make great gift boxes or even suitcases with a handle hadded.