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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The beg, steal or borrow Halloween project.

 I made this little Halloween decoration to take with me to the Crafts Show I went to.  So it had to be  portable and  pretty small.

 I could not buy anything because there are no Halloween minis around in my country
So I had to improvise with stuff from my stash of Halloween gifts I recieved over the years from my US and UK friends  and "borrow" a few things from other projects and that is why I named it the beg, steal or borrow Halloween project.

The Hutch came from my stash and got a coat of grey paint. I used some printies I found on the net to decorate the back of sheleves with. I think that really adds a nice touch. It also makes the shelves look more full in case you do not have enough real items.

I "borrowed"a chocolate cake from another project and added a plastic skull. The skull got covered in  3 D snow paint and I also used that to make the arms, With some grated cork for earth and some green stuff from my box of floral stuff I think is looks pretty good.

Never knew that Fibre Fill from a pillow would make such great cobwebs till I saw this tip on a Halloween website and tried it for minis.
Pearl beads and a bit of blue and black paint made nice eye balls. I dropped them in a dish filled with red glass paint. 

I think this shows that you can make a very easy  and  fun  decoration in no time at all by just begging, stealing and borrowing  !

Happy Halloween.