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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Little projects with linen buttons

I am pretty sure there will be people around who have never seen one of these and have no clue what they are. They are old fashioned linnen buttons , used to close pillow cases etc. They could be removed before washing stuff.

A friend gave me a whole lot of them ( yes you can still buy them ) and she challenged me to come up with a quick little project for them so here we go :

  Ribbon or lace, some pretty pics ( optional) , linnen buttons and tacky glue.

Wrap some lace or ribbon around the center of the button and glue in place. Add the little pictures if you like and you are done.

Makes really pretty reels for lace and ribbon. Would not they look charming on the counter in a shop ?

A more vintage looking linnen button and a jewelry finding make a  cute little cake stand.

Finding is glued on top of the button up side down. And there  you are. If you feel like me there is a little too much gold going on: just dry brush with some white paint.

Shown at the front with some of my no clay treat on it.