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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Five minute project

I made this crochet bear and I wanted to have a little background for him so he could sit on my bookshelf and look nice.  Had no time to do anything fancy so this is what I came up with :

This is a little screen kit  that  I found at Action's  ( the nearest thing to a dollar shop we have in the Netherlands). It is wood and it comes with cut outs to decorate it and even the ribbon and the paint.

I did not like the pics that came with it but I had some ready made 3 D stickers from another shop that had a garden theme .

This is a similar set to the one I used. 

Stickers glued to the wood. They did not stick very well ( there is foam at the back) but that is great for they will be easy to remove and I can use the  screen and the stickers for something else later. You will find stickers like that at places that sell items for scrapbooking or cardmaking. 

Here are some pics of the bear I used.

Added a little bench and a box tree that I had in my stash and I am pretty pleased with how it  looks.

You can ofcourse do this as a permanent thing and add a floor and do much better on  the paintwork and the decorations .  I just wanted to show that a few cheap items, about 5 mins are enough for some mini fun.