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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Make a lovely pedestal .

 A pedestal or cake stand is a lovely way to make a cake, a flower arrangement or a precious object stand out.

I made this one a using a stone vase, some wooden discs and a paper punch. Add some glue and paint and there you are .

The parts you need : one vase or similar shaped item and two wooden discs.  On the right I have shown the discs on top of each other to show the difference in size.

Vase being glued to the wood discs, please note the vase is used upside down so glue the bottom to the wood.

I used a paper punch to cut out several motives. I used the curly shape at the bottom and the flower in the middle.

Curly things glued to the wood and tiny flowers added upside down.

Beginning to  look   a bit better after a coat of primer.

Painted black with a little bit of silver eye shadow rubbed over it.

The dome is a plastic bottle cap. I glued a metal plate to the top , once again upside down. The ornament on top is the lid of a  kettle .  I only had the lid and the kettle has been missing for ages. But I think it looks just right here. Painted it black and rubbed on some silver eye shadow  again. You can replace the lid with a bead or jewelry finding.
Two variations made in the same way . The second dome has a glass button and a stick on  gem stone on top.

I love the mummy head in the dome....