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Monday, January 8, 2018

Kitchen renovation

Here is my new kitchen for the kitchen

I turned a simple kitchen into a vignette 

Before  and after 

This is what a friend brought me after a visit to a flea market. A little wooden kitchen.

I had big trouble painting  it  because the marker dots and  strips in the wood kept showing up. In the end I used spray paint.  The frame came with it and it was very uneven and no amount of sanding would help.
I covered it with  crumpled tissue paper and painted it white.

I wanted it to look like a messy kitchen where there is a lot going on.

  The oven is just a picture decoupaged on but  with the metal handle and the cloth it looks pretty good.

To get the idea of a sink I glued a small tray  filled with dirty dishes where the sink would have been.

I  had to have a broken coffee cup for that is a regular thing in my kitchen. I cut up a plastic cup and the coffee is glass paint.

Work in progress trying out different things.

Added crochet potholders and a handmade notice board and lot of stuff from my boxes of mini stuff. I also made some mini bread and veggies.
All finished  . It now resides in the kitchen.