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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fried rice and fried eggs with no fimo.

 I am totally hopeless when it comes to 

doing anything with   clay. So I like to make my mini foods without those. This means I have to experiment with lots of ingredients  before I get a nice result, but that is part of the fun. Some of my ingredients may sound unusual but  I have tried and tested them for you and they work.

I promised to do a tutorial on  how to make my fried eggs and fried rice. So here we are.

Let' s start with the eggs.

You will need :  Aleene's tacky glue or Mod Podge dimensional magic.
Yellow glass paint. I like  window colors by Plaid
White paint and a brush
Piece of wax paper. 

Put the wax paper on your work surface.
Make blobs of tacky glue or Mod Podge. They will shrink quite a bit  when thy dry. A tail of glue is no problem for it  can be cut off later.

Also make nice rounded blobs with the yellow glass paint. They will become the egg yolks.

 This is what the egg whites and yolks look like when they are dry. The ones you do with Tacky glue will be thinner than the ones you do with the Mod Podge.

The Mod Podge ones will be easier to peel away from the wax paper.

Glue a yolk on top of each egg white.  Tacky glue works fine for this.

You  have now  created raw eggs without any clay !

For fried eggs paint the bottom of the egg with white paint .

 Here are your finished fried eggs.

Here are  some raw eggs . I am sure they will come in handy too for when someone drops an egg or when you want a raw egg in a bowl for the kitchen.

Ok on with the next recipe :  fried rice.

You will need : 
A white eraser 
A fine  grater. I use  the kind that is normally used for nutmeg or lemon zest.
Tacky glue.

For the meat and veggies :
Craft foam in orange for carrots
Craft foam in brown  for the meat
Tiny slivers of green plastic for leeks. You can use a plastic grocery bag or something similar

Use  the fine grater to  make a pile of grated eraser. It is easier to do it over a small container but I wanted to show it on the table for contrast.

Add a blob of Tacky to the container with your " rice" and mix very well. Some of the rice will stick together which is just what we want. 

For a nice clean looking result move the mixture to the plate you want to use for serving , instead of  using  the plate on which you put   the stick you used for stirring first ........ LOL 

This is what the rice looks when it is nearly dry. If you want to add meat and veggies you can do it now. Just cut up the ingredients and push little pieces of them into your rice.  

TiP : You can also serve this rice as plain white rice in a bowl and serve several dishes to go with it. 

Leave to dry and set completely. 
Serve with a friend egg .

There you are fried nice and fried eggs without any clay.

Let me know what you think. your comments make me happy.