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Friday, March 4, 2016

Old fashioned Easter eggs ( poly clay free ofcourse)

I love those  old fashioned chocolate  eggs decorated with flowers, swirls and little chicks. So I figured out how to make some miniature ones and I am sharing the recipe with you.

What you will need :
Eggs :  Mine are about 1 inch tall but you can use any size you like.  For the egg with the hole in it plastic is a good choice for the others you can use whatever you like : wood, plastic etc.
Paint : a chocolate color
Piece of foam
Punched out paper flowers. Pink is a great color
A ball-shaped tool
Flower soft or Sprinkles . Pink and green work best
Narrow pink silk ribbon
Unraveled pink bunca
Tacky glue
3 D paste or 3 D paint
Tiny plastic bag for piping
Happy Easter sign
Small jump rings
Tiny yellow pompom
Tiny black no-hole beads
Tiny scrap of red paper or fabric
Clear spray varnish
Moist sponge.

Step 1 for all eggs  : Paint your eggs a nice chocolate color.  I like to stick a pin into the eggs and dip them into the paint , just like they do with the real ones. Stick the pins into a piece of foam and leave them to drip and dry.  Check them to make sure there is no bubble forming at the bottom of the eggs. If  there is just wipe it off before it dries.  I sprayed my eggs with clear varnish before decorating them but that is optional.

Step 2. This is for the egg with the chick inside.  If you cannot find an egg with a hole in it you can cut a hole yourself if the egg is a hollow plastic one.  Draw a swirl around the hole  using tacky glue.  Sprinkle with the Flower soft or Sprinkles and leave to dry. In the mean time you can make your flowers. You can use ready made paper flowers or make them out of punched out paper shapes. Use the ball-shaped tool to shape them . Add a black  no hole bead for the center if you like.  Add them to the bottom of the swirl on the egg.
. The yellow pompom will need two eyes and a beak  to become a chick. Glue on two no hole beads and a tiny beak cut out of fabric or paper.
Dip the back of the pompom into some glue , wriggle the whole thing into the egg and  gently push till it sticks.  Tie  the pink ribbon round the egg and tie a nice bow.  I used a jump ring for a stand.

Step 2 : Now we will make the egg with the roses. Once again we will start with a swirl of glue  that will be sprinkled with Flower Soft or Sprinkles  The roses are made using the same punched out shapes as before but I glued three flowers on top of each other to create roses.  The rose buds are made out of unraveled bunca , bunched together and glued in place at the top and bottom of the swirl.  I printed the little Happy Easter sign on my computer.

Step 3. The egg with the white swirl. For the white swirl I wanted to created the idea of sugar paste. I used a tiny plastic bag with a corner snipped off for a piping bag that I filled with white 3 D paste.  The swirl does not have to be perfect but if things go wrong you can wipe the paint off easily when it is still wet.  I added two roses made in the same way as before and  a very light spinkle of Flower Foam . A silk ribbom bow is the finishing touch.

I hope you will have fun making some Easter Eggs !