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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Lovely Christmas scene made by a friend

My friend Phyllis surprised me with this lovely birthday gift.  It was the very first time I received a mini scene that was handmade specially for me so it is really special to me.

The pretty box frame is about 8 by 9 1/2 inches so you can imagine how tiny all the items are. Phyllis loves to work in the smaller scales and I am always in awe about her patience.

 The wooden items like the  planters filled with holiday items  are made from incredibly tiny kits by  Liz West. The same goes for the reindeer, shelves , penguins and signs . You have to paint all the tiny items yourself ! is the link to Liz's website. She has lost the pics of  some of her items but she will be happy to share PDF 's if your are interested while she is working on the site.

This photo shows the parts of the planter kits and the wreath.

Some of the decorations on the back wall have been made using shrink plastic. For those who have never tried that :  It is a kind of plastic sheet that you can draw on with permanent markers ( some types you can use in a printer too) and color with markers or pencils. The fun thing is,  you cut out your drawing and put it in the oven where it shrinks down to a mini version.  Is where you will find info on how to print on the  shrink film.  Is where you will find all you need to know about having fun with shrink plastic.

I think the little scene is  a perfect gift for someone who does not have a lot of room for Christmas decorations , perhaps an elderly relative or friend. You can of course make it in any scale you like. A 12 th scale  or 24 th scale version would be lovely too or perhaps a micro scale version in a tiny tin .
Hope this will inspire you to make something fun.

And once again: Thank you so much, Phyllis.