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Monday, January 9, 2017

Leeks and spring onions without clay.

Leeks out of paper tape !

Three colors of papertape. The kind you use for flower making.  This stuff sticks to itself when you handle it because of the warmth of your hands.

Start with white at the bottom of the leek. Roll tape around a pin.

When you feel the leek is thick enough tear off white tape. Never cut the tape or you will get a seam in your leek.

 Next go for the light green part of the leek. Tear the green  tape ( no cutting if you do not want a seam in your leeks ) and wrap round the top of the white part tapering the light green tape to make the leek longer.

Repeat till you are happy with the length and size.

Repeat the whole thing with the dark green tape for the top part.

 The finished roll of tape for your leek. You can cut it to length now.

Snip the dark end with scissors to create the leaves. If you like you can  add a little bit of brown  paint to the bottom to suggest mud or even some thin threads to suggest roots.

 A spring onion really is a sort of mini leek so you can make them using the same technique just making it thinner and smaller.

 And last but not least you can even cut the leeks into rings like the real stuff.

TIP : the tape is sticky after you handled it . I like to paint my leeks with a thin coat of Mod Podge Matt to stop them feeling just a bit sticky.