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Friday, February 6, 2015

Found some old photos

 Found some old photos of a project I did years ago. I was pleased to see it again and to be able to share it . The name of the scene was "  Sister  outing  "  I wanted to show an Edwardian girl taking her little sister out for a little outing.

I designed the pattern for the girls dress and hat. It is   done in crochet. I used vintage lace for the decoration. Sadly I do not have a photo that shows the whole dress.

The baby gown and bonnet are also my own design.  They are knitted in DMC tatting thread.  I have lost  the pattern . Must try to do something similar some time soon.

I also desigend and knitted the little blanket for the pram. The pram is a Heidi Ott pram that I covered in hat straw because I prefered the look of wicker and the inside has silk  and vintage lace.