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Friday, April 24, 2015

Mini Crochet.

Today I am showing some of the mini crochet projects I have done over the  years.

All have been done with a 0.60 crochet hook and either DMC nr. 80 fil dentelles or punch embroidery thread.

They are all my own designs and most of them have been published in American Miniaturist, DollshouseWorld or Dollhouse Miniatures.

Hope they will inspire you to pick up a crochet hook !
crochet cake and lemon merengue pie.

Christmas doll variations.

Winter outfit for Eric.

 Baby sleeping in a seed pod.

Mini pin cusion doll. Next to her is the real of DMC 80 I used for the dress.

Spring outfit for Eric

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A wonderful project created by a friend.

I just have to share this wonderful project with you all. You do not very often see a real male project in 12 th scale and this one I think is just great.

Art   is the husband of a dear friend but  I did not even know he did anything in miniatures till his wife shared some photos of a brilliant garage scene he created . 

He  worked  on this project the  last   5  years   after having  several  surgeries  it gave him something to  do and it cheered him up.

He  made the desk  from  scratch, also  the workbenches and he  put on the tin tops and  dirtied  everything  to make it look even more realistic .

 To  make  the  fan  belts he painted elastics black. He also   made  the labels himself.

The  white  car  was  a kit  built  for him  by  a  good  friend .

Your comments would mean a lot to him !!