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Monday, October 6, 2014

Sharing some golden oldies

Today I am sharing some golden oldies. Projects that I have finished some time ago but that are still personal favourites.

The French bakery inside a book was made  to house all of the foam board breads I made. I did sell the shop and I still feel a bit sorry about not having it around anymore.

Looking at the photo reminds me that I have not  made breads for a very long time. Maybe I should try again?

  The photo also made me smile when I saw the beams again. I made them out of real breadsticks treated with varnish .and  still like the look of them.

"Au Panier Fleurie"
Another memory of holidays in France.  I always have dreamt about owning a real flowershop but that will never be.  So instead I made myself a mini one. This is about 1/2 scale and I used an old discarded and battered birdhouse for the basic structure.

Showing the front of the shop

Back of the  shop and the interior. 

The vintage looking  table  is actually just a chess piece with an extra table top. The vase is a plastic thingy  I found in a box somewhere but it looks like a glass vase , does not it ? I like the flowers in it,
 they are dried flowers from my garden mixed with some paper ivy.

The flowers are an interesting mix of paper flowers, dried flowers, plastic flowers, silk flowers and bits and pieces from my stash like plastic berries and leaves.

" Au Panier Fleurie" was published in American Miniaturist.

I am really into a French theme today. So here is another  holiday  in France inspired project. My brocante shop.
This scene is mostly about the outside from the shop. The shop interior is mostly done in 3 D effects done in paper with some real objects at the front behind the door and window  to add depth.

This shop has been published in Dollhouse Miniatures magazine.

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