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Friday, November 21, 2014

My Furry Friends

Over the years I have made tons  of little furry friends.  They have found homes allover the world and some are still living with me.

They are made in my special technique. I start with a chenille stem frame and then I add the rest of the fur by hand to create  their shapes, faces and expressions.

I love finding little things for the bears to play with and I do knit and crochet for them when they feel like wearing something.
Every bear is unique and I like picking names for them . I never know what a bear will want to be when the basic bear has been made. I may think I am making something but very soon the bear takes over and I am often suprised  by how they turn out.

My little bears have been like little friends  over the years. They made me laugh and they sometimes frustrated me.  But they have always been great company.

So today I want to share some pics of my dear little friends

Have not made bears for a while now, but perhaps I should try again...........

Or mice , right Miyaa ?

1 comment:

  1. I love all of your cute bears. They have such expressive faces. My favourite, though, is the cheeky pink one with cream on it's face.