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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mini mason jars

I love decorated mason jars ! So I  just had to make some in 12 th scale as wll.

Here are some pictures of the ones I made.

 For those who like to make some too  here are a few tips.

Mini bottles can be expensive but at the dollar store I found 12 of them in a pack. Each was filled with seed beads that I am sure I can use for something some time. If you want smaller bottles look for the ones that hold tiny items for nail art.

The ones I am showing here are the bead bottles .

If you add some paint to the bottle and give it a good swirl it is very easy to get inside painted. Leave to dry upside down so the excess paint comes out. It looks pretty awesome when dry.

A frosted effect on the outside  can be easily done with Mod Podge :  just dab it on with a sponge. For extra effect you can add some white micro glitter.

You can paint the outside of the bottles too. I used a sponge and some gesso to get a nice effect.

For the decoration the sky is the limit. Decoupage works very well as do rub off picture and , nail art stickers . You can find many suitable printables on Pinterest. And if  you can paint you can paint a nice picture on them as well.

Ribbons, yarns silk flowers and small jewelry bits can really add a nice effect/

On some of my jars I replaced the corks with glass buttons for a different look.

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