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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Making jelly puddings

I love jelly puddings  in full scale as well as in miniature. I tried making some in different techniques. Some melted, some got sticky and changed into dust magnets so I was not happy.

But I have now found the perfect ingredients : cut glass buttons and glass paint.

So easy to do , so nice to decorate as well. The only thing that is missing is the wobble . But because they will be standing on a table anyway I can live with that bit.

Step 1 : Place glass button upside down. It may help to do this on a piece of something sticky. Paint with glass paint. I love the window colors by Plaid.  You may need more than one coat. 

Step 2 : Dried pudding on the left. Decorated putting on the right. I used dimensional snow paint for the cream , no hole beads and plastic leaves. 

Some I did earlier decorated with paper leaves, flowers, no hole beads etc. Yummie right ?