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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The best book about miniatures

I treated myself to this wonderful book by Christine Lea Frisoni. 
If you love shabby chic, and  all things French  it is a must have.

I cannot stop looking at it and I have even made a few things from the book .I love the hydrangea and rose patterns.

Here are some lovely pictures from the book .

There is also a lovely blog : called l'atelier de Lea. Check my list of great sites for a link.

Two years ago when I was in Paris I had planned to visit her shop in Montmartre.  Sadly when I got there the shop was closed  but | I did really enjoy looking at the things in the shop window.

 The shop in real life looks exactly like the miniature version in the book .......or is it the other way round ?

If you ever go to Paris try to visit this lovely shop. But even if you cannot visit the book and the blog are really  great too.