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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A bag for every day of the year

I love bags. Not so much the expensive leather ones that cost an arm and leg to buy. But fun bags, bags that are a little bit different or bags that I can alter or even make myself .
 Knitted and crochet bags are fun to make both in  full scale and in miniature.
Here are some that I made .
This article was published in American Miniaturist.

Even if you are a beginner something like the blue purse  in the photo above is very easy to make. You just crochet or knit an oblong piece of material. It has to be wide enough for the purse you want to make and long enough to be  folded into a purse shape. Making one fold to  get the back and front of the purse with a little piece leftover to be the flap to close the purse with. Close the seems and if you like you can add a handle. I crocheted a chain from one side of the purse to the other.

You can make tons of different purses this way. Bigger and smaller of course. With different sizes of flaps. Try using different types of thread , different stitches fro texture  and of course you can add different trims and bits to your purses.  The orange purse in front of the mirror and the  ecru purse on the shelve are made the same way . To the orange one I added a crochet trim in black thread. The ecru one has a silk rose as a little decoration.

If you can crochet a granny square you have a great starting point for a shopping bag. The bag is just two granny squares  sewn together with a handle added. You can make it as big as you like and use one color but a  few different colors also look really good.  The shopping bag  on the floor on the right was made this way.

Hope you will have fun making some bags or purses. I would love to hear your comments and see your photos.