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Monday, August 24, 2015

Altered dress form ( part 2)

I did make another altered dress form.

They are so much fun make and to show off.

 I had  a kit for making a plastic  dress form but there were some parts missing . I felt a bit sad but . when I gave it a good look again I thought :   what  if I  I used  the two plastic body parts as molds.  and make a few extra dress forms using air hardening clay ?  I can play now and  the good thing is I can still use the plastic bits later when I find the missing pieces of the kit.

I am terrible when it comes to working with clay. But I manged to make  a decent front body and  a  not too bad  back body. I glued the two halves together with Tacky glue and left them to dry overnight.

I used the finest sandpaper I could find and sanded till the dress form looked and felt nice and smooth.
I did not have a stand for it but I think this banister pole is doing quite a good job . The thingy at the neck of the dressform got replaced with a brass doorknob.  Must say I  am pleased by the way it looks.

The finished dress form got dressed in scraps of vintage lace that a friend gave me . It is an awesome lace with embroidery and sequins on it. I just needed a few tiny scraps that I draped around the dress  till I was happy with the look. The whole thing is one piece except for the two hanging bits at the front. The paper rose got treated with a bit of gold eye shadow to tone it down a bit.

Now all I need is a shop to show it of in.