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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Food pictures

Today I am sharing some "golden oldies ", photos of mini foods I have made over the years.

All food has been made without clay using everyday items and ingredients that will surprise  you.

At the moment I am working on little ebooks to share my recipes in.

Buffet of cakes, pies and puddings all made without clay or Fimo.

Collection of different breads. All clay free.

Mac and cheese and shepherds pie  plus the  veggies   for the pie.

 Dutch winter food called Boerenkoolstamppot. It is curly  cale / green cabage mixed with mashed potatoes and served with  a Frankfurter type saucage   and gravy

This is not my favourite but it is a very popular Dutch winter food as well. It is called Hutspot which roughly translates into Hotspotch. It is mashed potatoes mixed with boiled carrots and and onion. The best thing about this dish for me is the  meatball and the gravy LOL

There you go . lots of options for dinner and no clay and no cooking involved.

And  there also will be some yummie deserts.

Even some done in crochet. 

I am also going to work on poly clay free breads.


  1. Wow your food looks amazing and Not clay. Please please show how :))) I love the shepherds pie it looks so tasty.
    Hugs Maria

  2. I can't imagine how you did this without clay. I'd love to see ALL the recipes, but it looks like the bread might be the hardest one to figure out without a "recipe". Thanks very much for sharing your techniques.

  3. I very much like your layer cake. Please give us receipes on how to make!