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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Scrooge scene

For me Christmas is not Christmas without Mr Scrooge from Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol. I have seen the movies, I have seen musicals and plays and I own a collection of books with lovely illustrations as well.

Of course I had to have Mr. Scrooge in 12 th scale as well. So here he is.

I used an old battered copy of the Christmas Carol as a background. The illustration by Anton Pieck shows Scrooge in his chair talking to Marley's ghost.

The perfect backdrop I felt and I did not even have to make a ghost. I dressed my doll to look like Scrooge. I always loved Albert Phinney in the musical with the red stockings with holes in them so my Scrooge got those too.

I used the table to link the book and the scene together  and added things similar to the ones in the illustration.

You will notice the tiles around the fire are missing. I did not add them because I wanted to be able to read the story on the page.

I added a few things I thought that Scrooge would need like his walking stick, a box of documents and some fire wood.

I used a square tile for the floor and placed that inside a picture frame . I made sure the the frame was a bit bigger than the tile so there would be room to fit the open book between the tile and the frame. That way the book would stand up nicely, I did use a little glue to be sure it would all stay in place . The wood floor is printed paper decoupaged to the tile.

The outside of the book has some nice illustrations as well so the scene works very well as a centre piece for the holidays.

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