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Friday, December 4, 2015

My little christmas buildings

Lots of people love building christmas villages . I have seen some that I really liked but never got one because they were too expensive.

THis year I am starting Christmas with two houses that cost only  50cents !

This is what I bought at the charity flea market. A little  carry along house that opens into two little half houses. One with a pink roof and one with a blue one.

This is the inside of  one half house. I tried tons of furniture inside but nothing worked. So I decided to concentrate on making the outside look good and use them for my  Christmas decor.

A coat of primer and some paint changed the whole look of the house.

To add glass inside the window frames I used Mod Podge and a brush. It takes a bit of patience to carefully cover each little window with the Mod Podge but it is well worth it.  Some windows will have holes in them after drying. No panic ! You can remove the Mod Podge and  try again.

More paint and some snow paint were added.

And some christmas decorations.

A battery tealight fits perfectly inside the house to light it up.

Here is  " Twelf and a half cents cottage  "all ready for Chrismas 

The cottages also  fit inside my christmas wreath.  With the tea light to light the house and lights on the wreath  I think  this looks great too. The batteries for the lights can be hidden inside the house. Brilliant !

 This is the other half of  "50 cents cottage"


  1. Fantastic idea your houses looks so cute and festive.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Thanks ! I just love those easy and fun projects

  3. I just love your house inside the wreath! And how nice it looks with the tea light inside!

  4. What a fabulous idea and you've done a great job, they look wonderful, thankyou for sharing x