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Saturday, February 13, 2016

A swaddled mini baby.

Swaddling means wrapping a baby up in fabric so they cannot move.  It sounds a bit like something from the Middle Ages but actually it is back in fashion
 for  it makes some babies feel more comfortable and they cry a lot less.

I think a swaddled baby looks really cute, so   I tried to figure out how it was done. The baby in this picture is not really historically correct with his arms visable but I think he looks really cute anyway.

I used a rubber baby wearing a diaper and a little hat.

It would be more authentic to use a nekkid baby and wrap her in fabric first.

Place baby on fabric . Note that one point of the fabric square is pointing upwards.

Fold left half  of fabric to the right over the baby.

Tuck the fabric under your baby.

Bring bottom up  till the tip of the fabric reaches the right shoulder .

Wrap right  half  of fabric around the baby as tightly  as possible

For a real baby your would use a safety pin  here

but for a mini doll you can just sew or glue  the fabric in place at the back.

The little boy had bare shoulders
so I wrapped a little piece of white fabric round his neck to cover him up. Just glue in place.

Decorated him with some little crochet hearts and he is all done.

Here is his little sister wearing a knitted  bonnet with a bow to match the fabric. I decorated with a crochet  bunny applique.

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  1. Your little babies are so cute. Thanks for showing how to swaddle tiny babies. I love the pink with the rabbit.
    Hugs Maria