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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A little Easter bunny

This is a very easy and fun project. You can make this in any scale you like to go with your favourite basket. The one in the picture is 12 th scale .

What  you will need :
A basket ( your choice of size)
A white  pompom that is a little bigger than your basket.
A smaller white pompom for bunnies head.
A tiny pompom for his tail.
Piece of felt or white fabric.
Two black beads for eyes.
Pink bead for the nose
Some pink blusher.
Pink silk ribbon.
Tacky glue

I decorated my basket with some green moss and flowers made out of unraveled bunca.

I decorated the basket first for sometimes the green moss will stain your fingers and everything  else and I did not want a green bunny.  The moss is glued on with tacky glue.  Flowers are little clusters of unraveled bunca.

The bunny body is glued inside the basket. I felt it should be a bit big so the bunny would look really nice and fluffy.

Cut two ears out of your felt and apply a little bit of pink blusher to the center. Glue to  pompom for head. Add the beads for the eyes and nose. I did add a little blusher to the cheeks as well but that is optional of course.

Glue the head to the bunny and add the tail as well. I used a  pink bow as a finishing touch.

If you are using a bigger basket you will also need bigger pompoms and beads ofcourse. For decoration  silk leaves and flowers will be brilliant.  For a smaller basket your will need everything to be smaller and paper flowers or flower soft will be the perfect decoration.

Have fun !

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  1. A Very Cute little Easter basket and the bunny is Adorable! Well done! :D