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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Potholders for your mini kitchen

Whatever kind of  food you make : clay food that has to be really baked in the oven or my type of no clay dishes potholders are a must.

They are not just practical but also add a nice touch to your scene and they make great props for food pictures.

Mini potholders are very small .  In cm : 1 cm by 1 cm and in inches they are about 1 inch by 1 inch.
You can make them bigger of course if you like.

 Crochet potholders have been around fore ages so they  will fit into many scenes.

Here is my pattern for a simple potholder.

I used DMC fil dentelles n. 80 and  a 0,60 mm crochet hook. The  yarn I used is self striped so you do not have to  change  colors.

Round 1
Start by chaining 3 stitches, work  2 dc in the first of the chains,  Chain 1, Work 3 dc in the same chain . *  Work 3 dc in the same chain , chain 1 and work 3dc in the same chain.*  Repeat from * to * two more times and close round. You will have 4 groups of 3 dc ,chain 1,   3  dc.

Round 2 . Work 1 slip stitch into the last  chain 1 space ( you are working backwards) , chain   2 , 2 dc in the same space,  chain 1 and 3 dc in the same space. In the next chain 1 space *  work 3 dc , chain 1, 3 dc.  Repeat from * to *  in the other  two  chain 1 spaces. close round.

 Round 3 : Work 1 slip stitch into the last chain 1 space as in round  2.  Chain 2 and work 2dc in the same space, chain 1, 3 dc in the same space, * in the next 1 chain space work, 3 dc , in the next corner work  3 dc , chain 1, 3 dc. * Repeat from * to *  till the end of the round.  Close round with slip stitch and chain 8 for hanging loop. Close loop with slip stitch into first chain.

If you prefer using a different color  for each round  you can use this very same pattern with a little change.  At the end of the rows after doing the slip stitch to close the round you fasten off and cut the thread.

For row 2 : you can attach the thread to any chain one space. Chain 2 and work 2 dc, chain 1 and work 3 dc in the same space. Continue pattern as before.

For row 3 ; attach the yarn to one of the chain 1 spaces at  a corner. Chain 2 and work 2 dc in the same space, chain 1, work 3 dc in the same space. Continue pattern as before.

Using different colors for each row will make your potholders look  really different  so with one pattern and a little variation you can make tons of different potholders.

Faux crochet potholder.

                                        Knitted potholder on the left, faux crochet potholder on the right.

Now if you do not like crochet but still want the look of a crochet potholder do not despair you can easily make a faux crochet potholder.

                                         Making  a faux crochet potholder.

Look for a piece of cotton lace that has raised motives .  When you see  a motive that says potholder , get your scissors and  cut it out. Go easy and  make sure  it does not  not start to unravel.  Once you have cut out your motives  it is a good idea to finish the rim of your motives with a little Tacky Glue to prevent any fraying.
Glue a little loop of thread to your potholder  so you can hang it  in your kitchen. How easy is that ?

A knitted potholder. ( on the right )

This one brings back a memory because it was one of the first things I ever knitted in full scale.
It is based on the pattern my grandmother  used to use for her potholders but scaled down to 12 th scale.

I used DMC fil dentelles no 80 in Ecru and number and   no 23  knitting needles.

The get a nice edge to your potholder do not knit the first stitch of the rows.

Cast on 14 stitches.
Row 1-2 knit.
Row 3 - 10  work double rib = knit 2, purl 2
Row 11-12 knit.
Row 13 : cast off  and cut thread.

For the crochet border :
use a 0,60 crochet hook.
Attach thread and work one 1 Sc into each st along the sides of the potholder  , at the corners work 2 SC in every st. To make a loop  for hanging : chain 8 and attach to potholder with a slip stitch.
Finish off, cut thread and weave in lose ends.

Fancy crochet potholder.

For this one you will need a little bit of crochet experience.  The flower shape can be made as big as you  adding more rows.

You will need  the same thread ( 3 colors of your choice like yellow, white and green  ) and the same crochet hook as before.
Start with yellow thread for the flower center.

 Chain 3 work , 8 sc into the first chain and  close into a ring  with a slip stitch.

Round 1 : Chain 3, 1 sc in every stitch of the ring.  You will have 8 loops.
Change to white thread for the petals.
Round 2 : Round each loop : 1 sc, 2 dc, 1 sc close the round with a slip stitch. Now you have 8 petals.
 Round 3 : 1 sc , in the first sc of your petal, chain 4 going round the back of the petal and make 1sc into the last  sc of the petal. Now you have a loop behind the petal.  Repeat for each petal and close with a slip st.
Round 4 : Work in the loops behind the petals. 1 sc, 3 dc ,1sc  in every loop. This will give you the second  set of petals. Close round with a slip st.
Round 5 : Change to green for leaves. 1 sc in the first sc of the petals you made in round 4, chain 5 going round the back of the petal to create a loop behind the petal, 1 sc in the  last  sc of the petal.
Repeat till you have loops behind every petal. Close round with slip stitch
Round 6 : around each loop work 1 sc, 4 dc 1sc to make the leaves. Close round  For a hanging loop Chain 10 and slip st. into slip st. finish off and cut thread.

If you want to make a bigger flower follow the pattern till you get to  round 5.
Do not change to green but continue in white.
Work round 5
Work round 6 but do not make the hanging loop.
Round 7 :  repeat row 5 but work  6 chains for the loops
Round 8  : repeat row  6  but work 1 sc, 5 dc , 1sc  in every loop to make the petals. Do not make the hanging loop but cut thread.
Change to green for the leaves :
Row 9  :  repeat row 5 but work 7 chains for the loops.
Row 10 : repeat row 6 but work 1 1s, 5 dc, 1 sc in each loop for the leaves. Make the haning loop.
and cut thread.

For an even bigger flower keep repeating row 5 and 6 but add one extra chain for each loop in row 5 and add one extra dc to each petal or leave in row 6.
You will also have to adjust  the rows for the leaves in the same way.