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Monday, May 9, 2016

Shabby chic decorations with dolies

  Doilies  are  back in fashion. They are fun to make and there are lots of new things you can do with them other than just having them lay on a table.

Last week I made some mini bowls using little dolies and fabric stiffener and they turned out really well.

So I decided to try something else : making an etagere out of stiffened doilies.  I am pleased with the result  so here is my how to for it.

What you will need :

 Two stiffened mini doilies. It is best if  one is bigger than the other but  you can use two that are the same size as well.
One  earring post ( thingy at the top right)  
Two of the cup shaped things that come with the earring posts to keep everything in place.
Piece of wire with a  loop at one end.

Earring post goes through center of doily.

 Cup shaped  thingy goes on  the post  to keep doily in place.

Second cup thingy goes on the post too but upside down. The post is now hidden.

Still wobbly but taking shape. Second doily on top of the cup thingies and then the  wire goes  through the top doily  into the whole of the top  cup to keep it all in place. A bit of glue might help too.

Looking much better now , right ?

Add some cakes  to finish !