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Thursday, September 15, 2016

At last ......the pattern for the mini angel for the christmas tree.

 For a long time Blogger did not pass on any of the comments to this blog. So I did miss the fact that some of you did ask for the pattern for my little mini angel for the Christmas tree.

Angel shown with my fingers for scale.

Several of my angels in the tree on the left in this photo.

I have been a very good girl today and right  after breakfast I sat down, made two angels and wrote down how I made them.

I hope they are worth the wait !

The angels are done in crochet and please note that if you have not got a bit of crochet experience it would be best to first try making one with regular yarn and a matching crochet hook first , Size does not really matter as long as it is bigger than the really tiny stuff . Believe me this is fiddly stuff even if you are used to mini crochet.

For mine I used :
crochet hook 0,60 mm
DMC tatting thread in white or a similar thread
Tacky glue
Small pearl bead.
 ultra fine glitter ( optional )
Fabric stiffener of your choice ( optional)

Angel is worked in rounds. Rounds are not closed so please use  a marker ( like a piece of colored thread) to keep track of your rounds.  They are supposed to look like a little bell shape when they are finished. Another comment : I have made tons and even though I follow the pattern  they all look different just like real angels would !

Start with a magic  circle and work 6 sc into the circle.
Close the circle by pulling the thread and working  slip stitch.
Round 1 : work 2 sc in each stitch. Take your time ! And yes saying bad words is allowed.
Don't close the round !
Row 2- 6 :  This is going to be easier : work 1 sc in each stitch and do not close the rounds.

Row 7 :  2 sc in each stitch. , finish off and cut thread. This will add a ruffle to the skirt.

Feel free to experiment with the number of stitches and the number of rows and even the tip of stitches. This is just a very basic pattern to start with. The possibilities are endless.

                                             Showing the basic shape for the angel.

I did use some fabric stiffener on mine for I wanted them to stand up and look a bit crisp but you can use them as they are.
Weave in all lose ends before you add the fabric stiffener.  Leave to dry.

For the head : Glue a tiny pearl bead to the top of the bell shape. The hole in the bead can be used to add a loop for hanging your angel. Just thread a piece of  yarn through the hole and the body and back and tie together.. To camouflage the hole in the head ( also when you are not doing a loop) apply some ultra fine glitter to the head for hair. You can also use bunca or yarn for hair.

To make the wings :

Chain about 16 chains. Check on your angel if you feel this is the right size for your angels wings . If you want them smaller 14 chain will be nice, if you want them bigger,  try 18-20 chains,

Make the chain into a circle using a slip stitch. Fasten off and knot the threads together. I always add a little bit of glue to the knot.

Glue the knot to the back of your angel and then glue the top of the circle to the knot so you end up with two loops one at each side of the body.

And there is your tiny little angel.