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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pull along toys

Here is my little friend Eric surrounded by the pull along toys I made for him.

I found all the animals at the thrift shop.  Birds ( Ornaments?) , wooden elephants and some others.

To turn them into toys you will need : 
Piece of thin wood for the animals to stand on.
Wire and press studs for the wheels
A small ring ( optional)
Piece of thread.
Tacky glue.

For the elephants you will also need :
Grey paint
Grey flocking
Small piece of paper.
Beads for eyes. 

Birds mounted on their wood bases.

What I used to make the wheels. You can use wire instead of the paperclips but I liked the size of them.   If you like you can paint the press studs.

Wheels and ring added to base.

Finished .

The elephants were looking nasty. They had been painted but most of the paint had been scraped off. So I decided to make them into furry critters .

The first thing to do is to give your elephant a nice thick coat of grey paint. Then cut two ears out of the paper and glue them to the elephant .

Paint the whole elephant again and  as soon as soon as you have finished the painting,  drop the elephant  into the grey flocking.  Have the container with the flocking ready and as soon as the elephant is inside give it a good shake. This will  make the flocking stick to your elephant

You may have to repeat the painting and flocking to give him a nice coat.
 When he is finished poke a bit of a  hole in the fur where the eyes are to go and glue the beads in place.

Mount to the wood base and add wheels as you did for the other toys.

Lady bug does not have the wood base. I just added the wire and wheels to the body because it was flat.

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