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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Damn spell went wrong .......

At Halloween she did use a shrinking spell just to shrink  herself a little so she would fit into her party dress. But the damn spell went wrong and now  she is  a drop dead gorgeous miniature of herself stuck in her store room trying to un-shrink herself.

She did  try swamp water, ocean juice, Elixer and moonbeams, spells  and many other things but so far no luck. If only she  could get to the spider juice on the top shelve......

The scene is once again set in a book for I do have very little room for minis.  This is a wooden book box that I found at the dollar store. Hope they will have them in stock again real soon.

I used decoupage to decorate the box. Old catalogue pages for the inside and old looking paper for the door and then I added some basic shelves.

For the potion bottles  I used little glass bottles that held nail art stuff. They are very cheap but they come with a plastic stopper instead of a cork so you will have to hide those. I painted some, and replaced some by beads .

For the potions  I will have to give a big thanks to all those people who have wonderful video's on Youtube about making  bottles of potions . They inspired me to use clear glue to fill the bottles with and add things  to that. Paint or food coloring for color and different types of objects etc.

 The witch punch has dried herbs from the kitchen, the skeleton flowers are dried seedpods from the garden ocean juice has food coloring, shells and moss added. Just to give you some idea.

The lovely bottle on the right is actually an earring. The bottle stopper is also the thingy that keeps the earring in place. I added a  plastic ring so it could stand on it's own.
I found  them at a store called Action ( the closest thing we have to a dollar store ) and they were very cheap and available with different colors of glittery stuff inside. 

The witch is a plastic doll I found in a box of plastic toys someone gave me to play with. Come to think of it she might well be Snow White's stepmother..........oh well then I guess this serves her right.

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