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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Crochet pincushion doll , just like Gramma's

Here is the pattern for my little pincushion doll.  

The pattern is fiddly and not really suitable for beginners. Please note that the skirt is worked from the bottom upwards and should look like a little bag for the doll to fit into. After stuffing  it will begin to look like a proper skirt, believe me.

The size of the doll is shown by the real of yarn next to it. This is the normal DMC  fils dentelles real that is quite small. The finished doll is standing on a 12 th scale table  and this will also give some idea of her size.

For those who prefer a bigger doll, I suggest working the pattern with a ticker thread and bigger crochet hook. Note : I have not tested this but I am pretty confident that it will work.

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