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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Paris in a watch case.

It all started with this little metal figurine. I had planned for her to go on a shelf  at  the Brocante shop but painting her was pretty hard and I felt she deserved a bit of special treatment after being so patient.

The more I worked on her the more she reminded me of a character from a book I like very much. This lady called Eline wore clothes just like the ones on the figurine  and she took great pride in her appearance.
 In the book Eline goes on a trip to Paris and I felt that would suit my little lady much better than being on a shelf in a shop.

I decided a vintage looking watch case would be a perfect place for this Paris in  spring  scene.

She goes to look at the then brandnew Eiffel Tower so I  used a picture of that as a starting point.
I printed it twice because the watch case has glass on  all  sides and I wanted to cover the back of the watch too. So I decoupaged the Eiffel tower once with the picture showing on the outside and once  on top of the back of this picture with the picture showing on the other side. Top photo shows the outside of the watch case,  the photo below the inside that will become the background for the scene. Hope this makes sense.

To add a bit more interest and depth. I printed the Notre Dame church  two times as well.
One whole image was decoupaged to the inside of the watch case, next to the Eiffel Tower and the second version was added to the top of it using double sided foam tape.

Foam tape at the back of the Cathedral

To add a spring atmosphere I used some tiny dried branches and covered them in Flower Foam. This is a mix of colors that I think looks very nice amd reminds me of spring time trees in Paris.

A tree added to the right side of the picter and a branch sticking out addedto the left. Remember to stay away from the rim or your watch case will not close.

 Here is the scene inside the watch case but without Eline so just showing the background.

There she is ......adding a lot more depth to the scene and making it come alive.

I am actually planning to have her take a few more trips in the future.

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