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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


The recipe for this is very simple ........

Eat some nuts, keep the shells, add  some greenery, moss , flower foam and small things from your stash and you have a lovely little scene.  A mini person from a train shop will feel right at home in a scene like this.

 This lady is in  N scale which is for very tiny model trains. She came with a crate of apples.  You can buy these little people painted or unpainted. I painted mine.

The basic landscape has been created with moss.  Then I added the trees.

I made the trees using the tiny twigs from dried flowers and green moss.

I added all kinds of greenery from my stash ( Debbie at Minikitz always has great stuff)  to add more interest.
Flowers  are flower foam, flocking and tiny dried flowers from my stash.

While she is looking for berries , he is taking a little break at the nearby waterfall

The landscape was done in the same way as before.

The waterfall was made with tacky glue. I  glued some stones where I wanted the fall to be and then let the glue drip over them and left it to dry. I repeated the process once more.

He too is an N scale person painted by me.  I added a cane  made from a little twig just to make him look a bit more realistic.