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Friday, February 3, 2017

Showing off some new creations

I have been making some new no clay foods.  People often ask me why I do not use clay. It is very simple :  I am totally unable to make anything out of clay. The kneading and softening the clay is very hard for me for starters .  Another thing is that the baking of polymer clay produces fumes that make me feel sick,  so no clay for me.

I often get asked if my creations will keep as well as the polymer clay ones. I have to admit I do not know exactly how long they will last.  But I have done a lot of tests and  I found they still look very good after quite a few years.  I have bought clay creations that started to fall apart after a few years and I also have some that look very well after like 10 years.  But  because all the materials we use now like modern clays, glues etc are not old enough to tell exactly how they will stand the test of time we have to hope for the best really.  But so far I think mine are doing pretty well.

For me a lot of the fun is trying to find easy to find every day items that I can translate into  yummie looking food. Hope they will inspire  you