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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Making a Christmas market stall .

I  made this  Christmas market stall this  week as a donation for the local Hobby Center's  Christmas fair.  I 'd like to share some tips about how I  made this.

I started with this kit from the dollar store,  It is basically a MDF kit with  decoupage paper to decorate it with. I chose not to use the paper for my stall.

So this is what I started with.

Painted the inside white so it would not be too dark inside .

Wanted the outside to look like wood. I painted it white with a nasty  old brush to get a striped effect and then I repeated the process with a brown color, Rubbed it with a little dark brown paint and varnished the whole thing and put it together.  I painted the roof white so it would help to make the snow look good.

I did not add the base yet for it would be easier to get into the shop through the bottom to fill it up. I added the shelves and filled them with snowmen and Santa's. Some bought, some  that I made myself and some gifts etc.

The snow is powered snow from a bag, glued on the roof and base. The icicles are made from a clear plastic fork. You cut off the tips of the prongs and glue them to the roof.  Then apply some clear glue to make them look a little bit irregular like the real thing and you can add some micro glitter as well.

Here it is with everything in place.  The base was not included in the kit .But I felt it added a little something.

Hope it will sell at a good price today.

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